About the Photographer

I am Diane Webb and I am a concert, event, portrait and travel photographer based out of the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington. I am also the owner of yesterdazenews.com, a webzine that covers music, entertainment, events and sometimes travel. And yes, I've even shot a few weddings.

As a photographer I specialize in creating photographs that capture the special moments and emotions from an event. I believe you have to be passionate about the clients you work with otherwise the final product you produce for your client will not embody the full emotion from their special event.

Whether shooting a live concert, family event, band promo, cosplay portraits, travel, pets or anything else, I believe in being passionate about catching the emotion, the moment and the memory.

Please also feel free to browse my portfolios and galleries to see the type of work I do, no two shoots are the same.

Next Steps...

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