Whether you are an artist, performer, manager/publicist, if you are looking to work with a photographer who understands live music nuances and how to capture the emotion in the music or looking for some fresh promotional photos, look no further. 

If you are holding an event, I can capture the special moments you want to remember and share. Birthday parties, major lifetime milestones or simply a family gathering that you want to remember, those memories are important.


There are many types of portraits that capture the moments you want to cherish.

  • Senior

  • Engagement

  • Family

  • Newborn

  • Mommy and Me

  • Daddy and Me

  • Fur babies

  • Boudior

  • Cosplay

Professionals, do you need a headshot? I can do solo shots or for your office as well.

  • Professional Headshots



Weddings are one of the biggest events you will ever have in your life.  Many people think of the dress and the cake before even considering their photos, but your photos will be around long after the event is over and all the delicious cake has been devoured. Take the time to find the right photographer who will capture the memories you want to hold close forever. 

For your wedding I can be there simply for the ceremony or for the getting ready festivities, the ceremony and the reception. I can work alone or bring a second photographer to work with me for your special day. We can also bundle in your engagement photo session.

There are plenty of options available to fit what you want for your special day. 


Sessions and Session Bundles

An Additional Note

I must mention upfront, I do not work with everyone who contacts me.

I believe we need to fit in order to have a good working relationship for me to be able to provide you with the best photos possible. There are some times where there's just not a fit between myself and a client and that always comes through in the final work. I do not want anyone to be unhappy with their photos and part of that comes from knowing when we simply won't work well together and being professional enough to steer you to another photographer. I won't simply take a session just for the money. It's not fair to you and not professional of me.

You have to love my style before even thinking about working with me. Otherwise --- this won't end up in a good place for either of us.

That said, I'm a photographer, I am an artist. I snap my shutter for concerts, events, band promos, weddings, portraits of all kinds, cosplay, pet, people, headshots, travel, locations.....if there is a need to shoot, I'll capture the moment.

So contact me and let's connect.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!